The StudioBackdrops.com Photography Contest 2022 is an online photography contest to recognise the talent of Indian photographers and to encourage and enable them to follow their passion. With this competition, we provide all of them a platform to showcase the best of their creative side.

Theme: RED

Red is a colour that evokes a lot of emotions. It is a colour that stands out and demands attention. And you cannot ignore it. Red is our theme because just like the colour, we want to be drawn to your photography. It signifies energy and power, it is the colour of passion. It can mean war and danger but red can also mean love and desire. In cinema, red is often used to show intense and uncontrollable emotions. In still life, red creates a different impact, symbolising many different things, but always drawing the viewer into the image. Red is an intense colour and it has a strong presence. We have chosen it as our theme because we want to see strong visuals. An image that draws us in and holds our attention, must make us think and ponder. It must make us wonder. Do you think you are up to this challenge?

Entry Format:

Single Photo or Photo Story (2 to 5 images). Any equipment can be used

Criteria for Participating:

  1. Entrants must be 18 years of age or above. 
  2. Entry is limited to original works for which the entrant holds all applicable rights.
  3. The competition is free to enter 
  4. It is restricted to only residents of India
  5. Images must be taken in 2022

Award Prize: 

The first prize winner of the competition will get a grant of INR 1,00,000 from Studiobackdrops.com. The second and third prize winner will receive Studiobackdrops.com Imaging Equipment.


The competition will be announced on 11 July and will continue till 11 August. The winners will be announced on 19 August.  

How to Apply:

Participants will have to apply online on Studiobackdrops.in